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Sprite buddy is a lie!

2011-11-04 23:44:11 by GatorJGreenwood

Someone told me you can make badass flashes and such with sprite buddy, but my cousin and i found a site that is even better! now sprite making is a sinch and i may even post a few in a few weeks HA! Auta be a blast! Tom give me a hand when you can!

I'm Back again!

2011-11-03 13:05:55 by GatorJGreenwood

Been busy of late and going gaga over someone XD. Anyhow have a few new pics ill post for shits and giggles. Hope you like them.

I'm Back again!

New Gator in town . . . .

2011-10-01 11:50:09 by GatorJGreenwood

I'm Hav'n a blast with these animations, flashes, and such so I figured I'd jump in here with my own profile. So far I've been thinking of my comic and drawing that with my bud Angel_Natavi back on Deviantart. Anyone interested in it can scope him out. I'll post my artwork on here and who knows, maybe I'll be in a flash sometime. I'll draw something for the person that does that too free of charge Hahahaha.

Till then Warm bloods,

~Gator J~

New Gator in town . . . .